Financial Services

From the markets disruption to adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards, financial services organizations face challenges like never before. Across the financial services sector, companies must tackle new and complex regulations, navigate risks, and develop new and profitable products for a volatile market. While cutting costs, re-evaluating asset values, and managing unexpected market fallout, financial institutions strive to grow and enhance shareholder value. Through this, they must demonstrate transparency and the ability to generate reliable, accurate financial statements. Companies that tackle these issues head-on and find innovative solutions first will emerge as the winners in the industry. JDF can help organizations transform today's challenges into opportunities. Companies need to find ways to realize stronger customer relationships, improve process efficiency, and unlock talent.

JDF has a distinctive national business practice that provides audit, technical accounting, tax, regulatory, compliance, risk management, outsourcing, securities processing, payments, information risk and security, data quality, mergers and acquisitions, and other services.

The industry's transformation, which has seen increased consolidation and scarce capital, forces financial institutions to rethink business strategies. Our integrated knowledge enables us to design and implement solutions that work.